Back in Black Adoptable Dog of the Day: May 30, 2012

Landon, a Corgi-Border Collie pup

Landon is a pretty incredible Pembroke Welsh CorgiBorder Collie mix who arrived at the shelter just a few months old. Severe malformations of his hind legs has left them weak and wobbly and not much use to him. Getting around is a challenge, but Landon has compensated by pulling himself forward on his front legs, and he’s a pro with the wheelchair fitted just for him. His zest for life and desire to play just like all the other dogs has not been dampened one bit by his condition.

Landon meets a fellow pup.

As a special needs pup, Landon requires a bit of extra care: regular stretching of his hind legs and potential hydrotherapy. He also wears a diaper due to incontinence.

Wanna be inspired? Check out footage of Landon showing just how plucky he is.

Landon is available for adoption through Motley Zoo near Redmond, Washington.

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