Dog walks bride down aisle at Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding

When billionaire Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg married longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan in a surprise Palo Alto, Calif., ceremony on May 19, news of the wedding made headlines around the world.

Priscilla Chan and her dog named Beast; she and Mark Zuckerberg got the Puli in March 2011.

But what people might not know about the event is that Chan had a very special dog escort her down the aisle: Zuckerberg’s famous 1-year-old ball of fluff named Beast.

Beast is a Puli, a type of Hungarian herding and livestock dog. Zuckerberg and Chan got Beast in March 2011, when the purebred Puli was about eight weeks old.

Luckily for the bride, puffy white mop-top Beast matched her $4,700 lace Claire Pettibone wedding gown.

Zuckerberg and Chan spent the past seven months planning their nuptials, but managed to keep even their engagement a closely-kept secret. The estimated 100 guests arrived under the guise they would be attending a graduation party for Chan, who recently graduated from medical school. But when Chan and her escort Beast came into view, guests were delighted that the couple of nine years would finally tie the knot.

Though the reception included a serenade by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, little Beast was truly the life of the party.

Beast might be the only Hungarian herding dog with his very own Facebook page, though with who his dad is, it is no surprise. His Facebook lists his interests, which include “cuddling and herding things.”

The heading on Beast’s Facebook page is a picture of Chan holding the happy Puli.

Perhaps inspired by his love of Beast, Zuckerberg’s Facebook recently made a move to crack down on Marketplace ads for puppy mill dogs.