Video of Pit Bull puppies’ first day on earth

I’m not a religious person, but Jasmine’s rescue — and the birth of her eight pups Easter Sunday — has me believing in something.

In late February, Jasmine was surrendered by her owners to an overcrowded shelter in Southern California. Her body bore the signs of severe over-breeding, and with her days as a perpetual puppy maker numbered, the dog was essentially discarded. When Wags and Walks Rescue founder Lesley Brog met the abandoned Pit Bull, she felt it was time for someone to finally take care of her.

Two weeks ago, Brog brought Jasmine in to be spayed, hoping to ensure the dog would never have to face labor or delivery again. But to her surprise, the vet discovered Jasmine was pregnant. Yesterday, Jasmine gave birth. The video shows her tending to her pups on their first day on earth. I actually think I’m under-hyping this footage when I say you’ll want to share it with everyone you know.

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