Subaru unleashes new dog walking app

Check out the MapMyDOGWALK app, brought to you by Subaru.

Here at DogTime, we get excited about anything that encourages exercise for our animal companions. We subscribe to the “tired dogs are well-behaved dogs” philosophy and believe that tired dogs are happy dogs as well.

That’s why we were thrilled to see the MapMyDOGWALK app, brought to you by Subaru, available now for iPhones. Part pedometer, part geo-mapping device, MapMyDOGWALK allows users to keep track of walking routes, calculate calories, and record duration, distance, pace, speed, and elevation data.

The app is part social media tool too, providing dog event listings, suggesting popular dog walking routes, and putting users in touch with a dynamic network of individuals — and their four-legged friends. The app allows easy sharing of data via twitter and email, and users can tag photos along their hiking routes and even monitor their heart rate.

It may seem a bit unusual for Subaru, a company that facilitates driving and riding, to offer an app focused on walking and fitness. But the carmaker has long been an advocate for American pets, creating vehicles that comfortably accommodate both human and canine. In addition to partnering with the ASPCA, Subaru sponsors adoption drives and assists in fundraising efforts.

So, if you’re looking for motivation to get moving with your dog, the MapMyDOGWALK app may be just the incentive. There’s an international database of dog-friendly walking routes — and it’s at your fingertips. Just remember to keep the other hand on the leash.