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5 Best Dietary Supplements For Your Dog

There are a few herbs, natural supplements, and people foods that you can give to your dog for a health boost without breaking the bank or causing concern that your dog is getting too much of a certain vitamin. Of course, you should discuss these with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

by Maggie Clancy
August 6th

Can Dogs Eat Peaches? Are Peaches Safe For Dogs?

Can dogs eat peaches? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat peaches, but before you serve your dog some of this yummy fruit, there are some things you should know. Now is an especially good time to learn about dogs and peaches, as August is actually National Peach Month!

by Mike Clark
August 5th

Can Dogs Eat Bread? Is Bread Safe For Dogs?

Ah, bread–a treat as tempting to the olfactory senses as to the taste buds–and as tempting to dogs as it is to humans. So, can dogs eat bread? Can you share a slice with your four-legged friend when he or she comes begging? Maybe–it depends what’s in that slice.

by Amanda K. Fowler
August 1st

5 Eating Disorders That Affect Dogs

hile eating disorders are well known in humans, not many people know about the eating disorders that affect dogs. Animals have different reasons for having unusual eating habits, but they can be just as troubling for concerned dog owners. Here are six eating disorders that affect dogs.

by Mike Clark
June 3rd

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is Watermelon Safe For Dogs?

The short answer is yes, dogs can eat watermelon, but before you feed your dog this tasty fruit, there are some things you should know. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and the rinds and seeds of watermelons can cause serious health problems.

by Mike Clark
June 3rd

Is Your Dog Healthy? Their Farts Might Tell You!

Just like in humans, farting can either be a passing–pun intended–occurrence or a pressing problem. Responsible pet owners should know when to differentiate between the two. Before laughing off this smelly problem, make sure your dog’s excess gas isn’t a sign of a health risk.

by Gel Galang
May 29th

Best Dog Food For Your Dog: What You Need To Know

When looking for the best dog food for your dog, there are many factors to consider. Dog diets are formulated for size, age, breed, energy level, medical needs, and more. Here are some of the most popular dog diets that might be best for your pooch.

by Mike Clark
May 17th
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Your Dog’s Ideal Meal & Exercise Schedule For Maximum Wellness

Just like us, every dog has different needs that suit them best. Planning out each day’s meal and exercise routine is more essential to a happy and healthy pooch than you might think. Making sure your dog eats right and gets enough activity will also contribute to a more stress-free lifestyle.

by Krista Kumpf
May 16th

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Are Tomatoes Safe For Dogs?

Can dogs eat tomatoes? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat tomatoes, but there are some big exceptions and things you should know before you give tomatoes to your dog. You should always consult your veterinarian before sharing human foods with your pooch.

by Mike Clark
April 22nd

Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Are French Fries Safe For Dogs?

Yes, most dogs can eat a few french fries on rare occasions and be fine; however, fries are unhealthy for dogs and have no nutritional value. While most dogs can eat some, they’ll be better off if you avoid giving them fries at all. Here’s what you should know.

by Mike Clark
April 12th

Can Dogs Eat Avocados? Are Avocados Safe For Dogs?

Can dogs eat avocados? There isn’t a short yes or no answer. Avocados can be dangerous for dogs, or they can be safe depending on how they are prepared. Ask your veterinarian before sharing avos with your dog. Here’s what you should know.

by Mike Clark
February 18th

What is Xylitol? Why Is It Bad For Dogs?

Not all, but many types of peanut butter have an ingredient called xylitol. Xylitol is a substance often used in place of natural sweeteners, and it is highly toxic for dogs. Here’s what you should know.

by Beth Meadows
January 25th
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