5 Of The Best Dietary Supplements For Your Dog

Young couple feeding their dog with healthy green food from the eco market at home

(Picture Credit: RossHelen/Getty Images)

The vitamin and supplement business for humans is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many pet parents also feel that, if supplements are good for them, they must be good for their pets, too. With Holistic Pet Day coming up on August 30th, maybe natural health solutions for your furry friend are already on your mind.

However, before giving out supplements to your pup like treats, you should consider if they’re something your pet actually needs. More often than not, if you’re feeding your dog high quality food, then they already get the nutrients they need to live a healthy, normal life.

There are, however, a few herbs, natural supplements, and people foods that you can give to your dog without breaking the bank or causing concern that your dog is getting too much of a certain vitamin. Of course, you must discuss these with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

Here are five things you can bring to Fido’s food bowl to increase energy, make their coat shinier, and add some variety to their meals.

Remember, much like the human supplement industry, many supplements you can buy over the counter are not heavily monitored, studied, or controlled by officials. Products may say “all natural,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean “good for your dog.”

Be sure to talk to your vet about any supplements or human foods you plan on adding into your dog’s diet to be sure they’re right for them, and check the ingredients in your dog food. Your pup may already be getting the necessary nutrients they need!

Do you supplement your dog’s diet for a health boost? Which supplements should other dog lovers look into? Let us know in the comments below!