Happy dog?


I love my dog Destiny so much, but I find myself worrying that maybe I’m not doing enough for her. Can you tell me if Destiny is happy? And equally important, does she know how much I love her?


You are not alone in asking and wondering if your dog is happy and if your dog knows that you love her. It is one of the most common questions I am asked in a reading. Let me first talk about the nature of dogs and then I’ll tell you what I see specifically for and with Destiny.

The true nature of dogs is one of unconditional love and joy. Dogs don’t quantify love, they simply love. So when you ask, “Does my dog know how much I love her?” a dog has no reference for that question. Even when they experience abuse they can still hold a space of unyielding love. The dogs once owned and abused by Michael Vick and now being cared for at The Best Friends Animal Society in Utah are a perfect example of this. The Vicktory dogs experienced the most cruel and horrifying conditions, yet today they are healing and opening up to the love and care they receive at Best Friends, and they are returning that love.

The other question, “Is my dog happy?” has a similar universal dog answer. Dogs are, by nature, happy creatures. What is important to them is to be with their pack, which can be human or canine or both.

Specifically for Destiny, she loves you endlessly, but she experiences stress and anxiety when she is separated from you. When she is with you she is ecstatic. If it’s possible to have her spend time with a family member while you are at work that would be great. Having her go to a day care isn’t the answer because for her, her pack is human, not canine, and she would just be annoyed with their doggie ways. I also don’t see adding another dog as a solution. Interestingly, adding a kitten might be. She looks like she has mothering instincts and they would kick in with the kitten.