7 Dogs Who Are Terrible At Fetch

Most dogs can’t resist a good game of fetch. Bring out a ball, and they lose their minds. It’s a simple concept. You throw the ball. The pup chases it down and brings it back. But some pooches just aren’t very good at this game. Here are some dogs who forgot how to do what comes naturally to most pups.

1. Chewy After Vet

Golden Retrievers should love to fetch things. That’s why they’re called “retrievers.” But Chewy just had a vet visit, and the anesthesia hasn’t quite worn off. He just watches the ball bounce past him, looking confused. His expression says, “I know I’m supposed to be doing something about that ball, but I can’t remember what it is.”

2. Tito Flips For Fetch

Tito’s ball is bigger than he is, but that doesn’t stop him from chasing it down. Unfortunately, he has a good head of steam going, so when the ball comes to a stop, he keeps going. The ball launches Tito into the air, causing him to flip and tumble along like an uncoordinated gymnast. He’s not hurt though, as he’s up in a flash and back to attacking his ball.

3. Frikkie Has No Idea Where He’s Going

Frikkie the Dachshund is so eager to chase the ball that he won’t even stop to see where it went. Even when the ball is only a few steps away from him, Frikkie takes off in a completely different direction. The poor pup seems like he would love to play, he just doesn’t have the attention span for it.

4. Pacino Plops

Pacino is just a puppy, so maybe he doesn’t have this whole fetch thing down yet. So his owners make it easy by tossing a soft toy right to him. The pup takes it to the face, then tumbles backwards. He looks a bit like a turtle on its shell, as he lies with legs pointed to the sky. Maybe it was time for a puppy nap.

5. Blanky Can’t Reach

So close, yet so far away. Blanky the French Bulldog really wants the tennis ball, but his stubby legs are just a few inches too small to reach. The little pup looks like he’s trying to skirt around the “no dogs on the couch” rule, but one cushion stands between him and hours of fun. We hope the little guy got his toy once the camera was off.

6. Playing With An Imaginary Friend

Robbie really wants a human to throw his stick. The only problem is, the human is a statue. The pup is ready to go and puts on his best “play with me” dance, but statue man isn’t budging. Robbie tries to make it clear that he wants to fetch the stick, but he’s barking up the wrong tree this time.

7. Soccer Career Ends Early

The Border Collie puppy in this video won’t be making the 2016 Olympic soccer team any time soon. He’s ready to play, but he misjudges everything from the speed of the ball to the dismount. The result is a hilariously graceless attempt to catch the ball and a big flop. The pup doesn’t seem fazed and jumps right back up, ready for action.

Is your dog not the best at fetch? Any great tumbles or flops?

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