Dog takes up painting, works sold online

It’s cold in Euclid, Minnesota. So instead of taking long walks, Newman, an 18-month-old rescue dog, is channeling his energies by putting paintbrush to canvas. The adopted mixed-breed pup was restless. His pet parent, Kaydi Grunhovd, who has fostered a number of dogs and has adopted Newman, wanted an artistic way to curtail his energy.

She tells ABC 13 Eye Witness News, “When it’s too cold to go outside, we’ve come up with other tricks.”

Kaydi taught Newman how to hold a paintbrush in his mouth and how to paint. “I wanted to show that rescue dogs are smart,” she said. “And I wanted him to be an ambassador for rescue dogs.”

Kaydi has seen other dogs paint with their paws. She wanted Newman, however, to learn how to paint with a brush. Never forcing him, she rewards Newman with dog treats and lots of love. He seems to enjoy the attention.

Kaydi, who volunteers with a number of rescues and Circle of Friends Humane Society in neighboring North Dakota, is selling Newman’s art online via Etsy. The paintings range in price from $10 to $35, and all of the money goes to Circle of Friends. Newman sold three paintings in less than 24 hours.

She is pleased by all of the attention Newman and his art are getting. Giving back to animal rescue and shining the spotlight on a rescue dog are important to Kaydi.

Sources: ABC 13 Eye Witness News, Grand Forks Herald