Champ Fund: Help us cure canine cancer

Did you know?

  • Canine cancer affects one in every three dogs.
  • Over 50% of those afflicted will die of the disease.
  • Cancer is the number one canine killer.

Canine cancer has even touched the Dogtime family. Our own Director of Media Sales, Todd Donohue, lost his beloved Champ to cancer earlier this year. Which is why we’ve set up the Champ Fund – we want to be part of the cure.

Join us. Make a difference. Click here to give to the Champ Fund… And help us knock out canine cancer.

Champ’s story

I always thought cancer was something that happened to other people. I am young and healthy; no one in my family has been afflicted with cancer. None of my friends have had cancer. Who would have ever thought I’d have to worry about my dog?

Well, cancer did hit me. Cancer took from me my best friend, my closest confidant, my favorite clown: my dog Champ. My life went from perfect to upside down in an instant.

There were weeks of multiple vet visits, tests, discussions, patient visits, and crying. Champ was fortunate that we had a top rated veterinary hospital located nearby, and no expense was spared; in less than four days, hospital bills exceeded $7,000. However, answers were few. No two vets gave a congruent diagnosis, and meanwhile my baby was stuck, immobile in a cage, struggling to remain alive. My once lively, vibrant companion had been rendered weak and unresponsive, and my every spare moment was spent on the Internet searching for what had happened.

Champ’s last lonely night, I spent cradling him in my arms, searching for something that would make all of this “right.” One of the technicians glibly commented, “There’s nothing you can do, put him out of his misery. They never get better.” The next morning, Champ’s nationally recognized canine cancer specialist confirmed there was nothing more I could do. Her words filled me with rage but sparked a challenge. YES, there is something I can do: I can do my part to build awareness of canine cancer and help find a cure.

The one site that stood out from the beginning of my search was The National Canine Cancer Foundation ( The articles I found on the site were accurate, timely and informative; more helpful, even, than speaking with my vet. Honestly, if not for The National Canine Cancer Foundation, I don’t think I’d have found the strength one needs to get through such a difficult and overwhelming experience.

– Todd Donohue, Director of Dogtime Media Sales