15 Dog Breeds Most Prone To Ear Infections

One of my dogs is prone to getting bacteria in his ears, which can give him a pungent, yeasty smell if I’m not vigilant with cleaning his ears. Then, before I know it, he develops an ear infection.

Ear infections are painful. I had them often when I was a kid. My dogs are my children. I love them so much, so of course I don’t want them to go through the same pain that I did.

I hate to think of my dogs having any kind of pain.

By keeping your dog’s ears clean and dry you are helping to prevent ear infections before they start.

If your dog likes to swim in a lake, pool, or any body of water, it’s important to dry both ears immediately after getting out. Check for debris and clean those ears.

Here are just a few of dog breeds most prone to ear infections.

Other Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is More Prone To Ear Infections 

If your dog has long or floppy ears, chances are they don’t get much air and sunlight. Bacteria grows in dark places, so if your dogs ears are long or floppy, they are likely more susceptible to getting ear infections.

Signs Your Dog May Have An Ear Infection

  • Scratching/rubbing ear
  • Shaking head
  • Strong odor
  • Redness, swelling
  • Discharge

Ways to Avoid Ear Infections

  • Keep ears clean
  • Keep ears dry
  • Supplements, allergy treatments, or medications that you should ask your vet about

If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, you should consult your vet for the best kind of treatment. 

Does your dog ever get ear infections? How do you keep your dog’s ears clean? Let us know in the comments below!

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