DogTime Review: Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner For Pets

When asked if I wanted to try Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner and write up a review about it, I jumped at the chance. My dog was overdue for an ear cleaning.

I recently went through an out-of-state move, and sadly, my dog’s ears were neglected. He got stinky over time and I just sort of forgot that there is a remedy for that.

Enter Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner

First thing I did was read the instructions and watch an ear cleaning video for dogs on YouTube.

I put several drops into my dogs ears and massaged around the base. I gave him a few seconds to shake his head. For some dogs that is all you need to do and they are good to go.

My dog is prone to ear infections and bacteria build up, so his ears need a little extra care.


My dog’s ears look a bit like cauliflower. This is how I clean them.

  • Pour in Oxyfresh drops
  • Massage around the base of his ears
  • Use a q-tip to clean around the grooves (being careful not to put it in his ear canal)
  • Take a cotton ball and wipe away excess grime all around the surface
  • Use a second cotton ball to absorb any excess moisture

Q-tips are optional, I use it just to get around the little grooves. Again, DO NOT PUT THE Q-TIP INTO YOUR DOGS EAR CANAL. You could cause your dog severe injury. It’s not worth it.

How Well Did It Work?

I can’t believe how much stuff came out of my dog’s ears on that first use. A lot came off on the next several uses as well. Some dogs may be okay with a monthly cleaning. My dog will probably need it at least once a week. Your nose will probably be the best indicator for how often your dog’s ears need to be cleaned. You should consult your vet about your ear cleaning routine to make sure you’re keeping those ears healthy.

So how does the ear cleaner stack up to the claims?

  • Eliminates Odors CHECK
  • Removes Buildup CHECK
  • Gentle & Soothing (I’ll ask my dog and get back to you, but he seemed fine)
  • Fast Acting CHECK

When my dog built up that pungent aroma, I thought that it would take weeks for him to smell better. Not the case. He smelled much better after the first use.

I’m very pleased with Oxyfresh ear cleaner. I plan to use it on a weekly basis.

My happy odor free dog!

How to tell if your dog needs ear cleanings: 

If your dog has long or floppy ears he probably needs regular ear cleanings. If your dog gets smelly only a few days after you bathed him, that also is a sign that your dog may be in need of ear cleanings.

Click this link to try Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner yourself.

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The writer of this review received no financial compensation from Oxyfresh for any opinions expressed in this article.