How To Build The Forever Dog: The Oldest Dog In The World

An amazing TedTalk from one of my favorite pet parents Rodney Habib. If you don’t follow him on Facebook, you are in for a treat. Nobody loves dogs more than Rodney Habib. He will help you to extend the life of your pet.

We’ve all heard of the 14 or 15 year old dog but what about dogs that live 22 or even 30 years? What would you say if I told you that was not uncommon? What if I told you that your dog could live 20 years or more?

Rodney will give you a blueprint to helping your dog live a very long, happy and healthy life.

What are the 5 things you could focus on to help both you and your dog live longer? Rodney’s got the answers.

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Stress is a biggie. Stress can shorten any life be that a dog’s life or a human’s life.

Caloric restriction. People and dogs who eat more, have shorter lives. Not just by a few months or a year but by years. People and pets who eat less live longer. Reduce your dog’s food by 25% and you could add 2 human years to your dog’s life.

Insulin signaling. Too much insulin can age you. Testing your blood sugar levels and the blood sugar of your dogs can help you determine what kind of changes you may need to make to your diet or your pet’s diet. I know it sounds hard and crazy but I got a blood sugar testing kit at the local store and it’s not that hard to test your dog’s blood sugar. A prick the to the paw or ear and you get some amazing information.

Repair Damage. How do you do that? If you damage your body with processed foods and chemicals, how do you fix that? One of the best ways is to eat a raw, natural, healthy diet of unprocessed whole foods. Food can heal!

Environmental Factors. This can be so many things: Toxins, floor cleaners, gardening chemicals but let’s focus on what we can change… exercise! Yes you want to limit you and your dog’s exposure to chemicals but you also really want to get enough exercise. We’re not talking about a 20 minute walk around the block. Both humans and dogs need hours of activity every day. We are meant to move. We aren’t meant to sit around in a chair staring at our computers or televisions. Get out and walk! Walking is so important! There are dog walkers and people walkers out there who will help you and your dog get the kind of movement you need in your life to live a long, long time!

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