Puppy Pulled From Septic Tank Moments Before Drowning In Human Waste

A dog looks up from the darkness swimming in human waste.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Animal Aid Unlimited, India)

Rescue workers heard strange moans coming from an open septic tank in India, and they knew that they had to investigate. They extended their camera behind a wall to see the source of the sounds, and the images they captured are heartbreaking. A small puppy, too tired to keep swimming, kept dipping below the surface of a pool of human waste. He was clearly about to drown.

Two men lower another by his feet into the septic tank.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Animal Aid Unlimited, India)

The rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited weren’t about to let this pup die, so Ganpat, one of the workers on the scene, allowed himself to be held by the feet as he reached in to scoop up the tiny dog. It wasn’t easy. Animal Aid Unlimited explained that “An open Indian cesspool is a cauldron you can sometimes smell from half a kilometer away.”

Workers towel off the dog on the side of the road.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Animal Aid Unlimited, India)

When the puppy emerged, he was too exhausted to move. The rescuers brought him to their shelter and gave him IV fluids, and soon he was walking again. Another worker named Raj began the long process of getting the pup used to human interaction. At first the dog was apprehensive, but eventually he let Raj pet him. This puppy went from nearly drowning in waste to having a shelter with food and love. It’s a pretty incredible rescue and recovery!

What would you do if you heard moans coming from a hole in the ground? Would you reach into a septic tank to save a dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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