How To Find A Rescue That Will Match You With The Perfect Dog

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There’s plenty of advice out there when it comes to finding the right rescue dog, but how do you find the right rescue?

There are so many reputable rescues and shelters, many of which may specialize in certain breeds, ages, or regions. Finding the perfect one for you might seem like a daunting task.

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog or puppy, here are a few things you should consider when picking out a shelter or rescue.

What Type Of Dog Do You Want?

If you’re considering adopting a dog, hopefully you have already done your breed research and you have a general idea of what type of dog would fit best with your lifestyle.

If not, you should try DogTime’s dog breed matchup quiz to see what kind of dog might be right for you!

Before randomly selecting the nearest rescue to you, research which shelters work with the type of dog you are trying to bring into your life.

You may want to look into a breed specific rescue with experience handling the breed of dog you want.

Talk To Your Pet Parent Friends

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If you have friends who have adopted a dog in the past, chatting with them may be a good way to start your search.

Be sure to ask about what the requirements were for adopting their dog, such as a home check, a foster period, or anything else.

Find out which rescues they’ve worked with in the past and which ones they trust. A trusted recommendation goes a long way!

Do A Little Internet Sleuthing

If you’ve found a handful of shelters or rescues that sound like they ‘ll have the perfect dog for you, do a little investigating to make sure they’re reputable.

Here’s our list of all of the things a reputable dog rescue or shelter should have.

Make sure you find out about how the rescue cares for its dogs and that you support their mission.

Make Sure They’ll Adopt A Dog Out To You

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A lot of local rescues require that adopters live in-state or within a certain area.

If you’ve opened up your search to nearby states, be sure that the rescue you are eyeing with that adorable Pit mix will consider you in the first place.

Location isn’t the only thing that can limit your adopting abilities, either. Many reputable rescues have pretty intense background checks and standards when it comes to finding forever homes for their rescued dogs.

While they may seem over-the-top, these rescues just want to prevent their dogs from ending back up in the streets, with the wrong people, or in kill shelters.

Make sure your home and lifestyle matches with what the organization requires for their adopters.

Meet Up With The Volunteers

Rescues, for the most part, are fueled by animal advocates who are volunteering their time to rescue animals. Taking the time to meet the volunteers behind the operations will give you insight on what to expect when you take home your rescue pup.

If you go to open adoption events, talk to the volunteers and describe the type of dog you are looking for. You may have had your eye on one dog, but the volunteers who foster and care for these animals may be able to play the perfect matchmaker to your doggy needs.

Adopting a shelter or rescue dog can be an intense but incredibly rewarding process.

Have you adopted a rescue dog in the past? How did you decide which rescue to adopt from? Give us your dog rescue and shelter tips in the comments below!