Covered In Wounds, Justice Recovers From Horrific And Violent Past [VIDEO]

Covered with wounds, especially on his neck Justice was a silent witness to the atrocities of a dog-fighting operation as the court case worked its way through the system. One by one, six dogs  arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where they could receive individualized care, readying them for adoption.  Justice was the shyest of all and the last to arrive in October 2016.

But his incredible personality just started to shine through. His caregivers said “once you gained his trust, every time he saw you his whole body would wiggle and he would let out happy yelps. He would wait in his run until you came in and then would jump up to give kisses and hugs. He was pure love. He was great in so many situations- he loved having lap time with volunteers, loved playing with his dog buddies and was a delight to take on walks.”

And it wasn’t too long before a family fell head over heels for this purebred wiggle butt terrier. He went home in December 2016. For his caregivers, it was a dream come true: “It is inspiring to think someone was there for each step of his journey to give him what he needed and to then pass him on to the next loving individual or group. He finally has the life he deserves and we are so happy for him.”

Thanks to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.