Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week: 5 Ways To Help Less Adoptable Dogs Find Homes

Golden retriever puppy in a wheelchair

(Picture Credit: Elizabethsalleebauer/Getty Images)

Some shelter dogs have harder times finding forever homes than others. Senior dogs, certain breed mixes, dogs with disabilities, and black dogs are some of the types of dogs less likely to be adopted from animal shelters, even though they make excellent pets. That’s why Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week is so important.

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week begins in the third full week of September. In 2020, we observe it from September 21st to September 27th. During that time, we spread the word and encourage adopters to give these pets a chance.

If we could, we’d adopt every less adoptable dog in our own communities and make sure they have the loving, stable forever homes they deserve. Unfortunately, resources are limited, and there’s no way to adopt them all. However, we can still do our part.

Rescues and shelters use calendar events like Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week to raise awareness, but you can help less adoptable dogs all year long with these actions.

Will you help spread the word about Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week? How else can people help dogs who have trouble finding forever homes? Let us know in the comments below!