Kangaroo Dog Scheduled For Euthanization Saved By Vet Ranch [VIDEO]

This poor pup named Crest couldn’t walk on his front legs. He was scheduled for euthanization but Vet Ranch saved him. After examining him, not only did they find out that both of his front legs were broken but also his jaw was broken. These are old injuries and this poor pup never got any medical treatment.

Doctor Dave takes the little pup into surgery to fix his jaw. They splint one of his legs. They neuter him and now he’s with his happy forever family in Los Angeles.


Vet Ranch says:

Meet Crest. He was scheduled to be euthanized because he can’t use his front legs. That doesn’t mean he can’t walk though. 🙂

I’m seeing lots of questions about fixing or amputating the front right leg. The injury was so old that it “healed” in what is called a non union. So it sort of made an extra joint in the middle of his humerus. The leg is not usable, but it doesn’t bother him so I didn’t want to put him through a major unnecessary surgery. 

Every dog deserves a chance at a happy life and thanks to Vet Ranch, Crest got his!