Saving Castaways: The Story Of Hopeless Dogs And The Inmates Who Rehabilitate them


Saving Castaways is a documentary series you can watch on YouTube chronicling the successful rehabilitation program of inmates training unwanted dogs for adoption. The film highlights the plight that both prisoners and dogs face and how an unlikely union brings out a change in character of both man and beast – Each trying to save and serve one another.

Over 6,000 dogs have gone though the program and 2,367 of them have been rescues. They often come into the program before they go to the shelter.

The results are life changing for the prisoner, dog and eventual new pet parents who will take these dogs into their families on the other side.

Esther the black Labrador was severely abused in a puppy mill before being rehabilitated through the Prison trained K-9 Companion Program. It’s not any one person but a whole network of people working together to make a difference in the lives of these prisoners and dogs.

It’s heartbreaking to see the fear and pain in Esther’s eyes but it makes her happy rehabilitation all that much more meaningful. She has been transformed and is so truly loved by the man who put so much time and effort into healing her old wounds.