Hero Animal Control Officer Rappels 100 Feet Down Into Ravine To Save A Puppy

Gove pulls the puppy out of the ravine

(Picture Credit: Matt Martis – San Diego Communications Office)

The world is a dangerous place for a puppy. A 10-week-old German Shepherd fell down a ravine in Pauma Valley, California, and if it weren’t for a bush jutting out of the rock, she would have fallen all 200 feet to the bottom and probably wouldn’t have survived. The puppy was left clinging to the bush 100 feet down, and her cries could be heard throughout the area.

A worker assists Gove at the top of the ravine

(Picture Credit: Matt Martis – San Diego Communications Office)

The San Diego County Animal Response Team got the call about the puppy, and one member knew she had to help. Officer Denise Gove had plenty of experience with rappelling, so she geared up and headed to the scene. The ravine was steep, but Gove inched her way down and grabbed the little dog. After hauling the pup to safety, Gove made sure the little one got a drink of water before heading to the local shelter.

Gove gives the dog water

(Picture Credit: Matt Martis – San Diego Communications Office)

The puppy is at the County of San Diego Northern Region Shelter in Carlsbad where she’s making a full recovery. She’ll be available for adoption soon and will hopefully go to a forever home nowhere near any dangerous ravines. This pup deserves to live a long life with all four paws on solid ground.

What would you do if you saw a puppy stranded in a ravine? Would you risk your life to save a dog in need? Let us know in the comments below!

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