Newborn Puppy Rescued From Hot Car: Heat Index 108


(Picture Credit: Pensacola Police Department)

Someone heard yelping coming from a parked car at the Mall on June 26th at around 1pm and called police. The heat index was 108 that day and the puppy was already lethargic from the heat of the hot car, windows rolled up, all alone. Captain Stephen Davis and Officer Anthony Giorgio smashed the window and placed the puppy on an ice pack that Georgio had in his lunch box to help sooth the over heated puppy.

Soon actions like this could be a crime in parts of the United States, and let’s hope that it will be a crime nation wide in the future as well.

The owners were issued a citation for $150. Florida passed legislation earlier this year making it legal for good Samaritans to forcefully enter cars to rescue pets or children in distress.

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