Rescue Dog Is Cuddly After Getting Food And Bath

Hope For Paws received a message about a dog living in the LA River, the only problem was when they went to locate the German Shepherd, they were unable to pinpoint the dog’s location and had a little searching to do.

She was so hungry. (Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

In about thirty minutes they located her little hiding place, which was nothing more than a small area of dry concrete, under the bridge. They were able to secure her quickly and she resisted slightly, but gave up as soon as the food came out. Turned out the poor thing was hungry, and willing to befriend anyone with food.

She was named Adrienne and with a leash on, left her old life behind. After getting a bath she was all cuddles and smiles. It’s amazing to see the change a little food and love can make in the life of another living creature.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue found Adrienne the perfect foster family where she will be waiting to meet her furever family.

Thank you Hope For Paws! Another job well done.

To adopt Adrienne or for more information please visit

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  • Richard Stewart

    This old fart (60) cried his eyes out. I just don’t cry anymore. Living on this insane planet with humans on it just does it to you as you age. When it comes to the four-legged creatures or any other creatures that are non-human my heart just hurts for them…

    I hope you have a great life old girl… Did anyone else see that she is not exactly a puppy. More than likely around 8-10 years old. I would take her in a heart beat!!!!!

    • RE Almanace

      Sadly the word ManKIND in TOO many instances, is an Oxymoron nowadays. Grateful for all those TRUE members of KIND humanity who understand that WE are all these innocent beings have.

  • Justin Gàgà

    This too had me in tears from about 30 seconds in….

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