A Shar Pei Named Tonkey Got 100K Followers In Eight Weeks

Tonkey Bear (Photo Credit: Instagram bearcoat_tonkey)

Is she a teddy bear? Nope, but Tonkey sure looks like a little bear with her thick fur coat and a face that begs for a loving squish. Tonkey is a four-month-old bear-coat Shar Pei, and after only eight weeks on Instagram, she’s got over 100K followers.

Tonkey Bear (Photo Credit: Instagram bearcoat_tonkey)

Her popularity isn’t surprising, as the adorable pooch can be seen trying on costumes, visiting stores, running and playing, or just relaxing. She shares the spotlight with her “big sister” Maxi, a Border Collie rescue who teaches the puppy to do tricks and obey her commands.

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