Photographer makes dogs look like they are traveling through space

Ground control to Major Tom — one very creative artist with a good sense of humor is busy transforming regular dogs into “bone-a-fide” rocket dogs, and he managed this with only a camera lens and some really good Photoshop techniques.

Each dog was photographed while sticking his head out of the window of a moving car. (Photo credit: Benjamin Grelle)

The collection of photos shows dogs of various breeds looking as if they are tearing through the galaxy faster than the speed of light, like some four-legged version of Battlestar Galactica.

St. Louis, Missouri photographer and humorist Benjamin Grelle, known online simply as “The Frogman,” is the man behind these hilarious photographs. While the images might seem like they are literally out of this world, Grelle tells the Daily Mailhe developed the idea while capturing dogs doing something quite ordinary.

“Dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows,” Grelle reveals. “Depending on the dog, their windblown faces can start flapping in the breeze with hilarious results.”

Grelle was able to create such unbelievable shots with the help of his father and a couple of willing canine participants.

“I had my dad drive up and down the driveway and I took pictures as they passed,” The Frogman explains. “It often makes them look like they are going faster than they are — as if they are travelling at unimaginable speeds. I thought it only natural that they be travelling faster than light in the depths of space.

From a Bulldog with his loose lips flapping in the breeze and a German Shepherd mix grimacing into the cosmos to a shaggy dog sporting Doggles and looking a heck of a lot like a windblown platinum blonde version of Chewbacca, Grelle’s photos are as trippy as they are amusing.

“I searched for as many dogs with their heads out the window as I could find,” says Grelle. “Then it was just a matter of choosing the best ones and then adding the space background.”

One astro-dog holds a special place in Grelle’s heart — his Corgi, Otis, who looks like a seasoned space tourist in his images, his tan and white face set in an almost stoic expression.

For more of Benjamin Grelle’s comic photography, check out his official site. If you’re looking for more Otis, then you’re in luck—Otis is so photogenic, in fact, that The Frogman has set up a Tumblr account full of pictures of the handsome Corgi, whom he calls “The Official Frogdog.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Frogman Official Site