Take Fido to the office this Take Your Dog to Work Day

There’s nothing harder than leaving the house for work in the morning with Fido and Fifi making sad-eyes as you walk out the door.

Well today, you and your pups are in luck.

Friday, June 22, marks the 14th annual Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, an event first instituted in 1999 by Pet Sitters International (PSI) as a way to celebrate the connection between humans and their canine companions and to promote shelter adoptions.

While only one in five U.S. companies allows pets in the workplace year round, PSI encourages companies to welcome their employees’ four-legged friends each year on the Friday following Father’s Day.

Bringing Rover to the office with you has been proven to have many benefits for the employee and the company alike. A recent study conducted by Central Michigan University demonstrates that when dogs are allowed in the workplace, coworkers tend to trust one another more and collaborate more effectively. Dogs have been shown to boost office morale, improve productivity, and reduce job-related stress — just ask top companies like Google, Amazon, and Ben & Jerry’s, all of which allow their employees’ dogs to tag along at the office.

This year’s Take Your Dog to Work event and campaign includes a special message that PSI hopes will increase adoption rates at shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Due to the challenging economic climate, the number of unemployed and underemployed pet owners has increased.

As a result, many otherwise wonderful pet moms and dads cannot afford to properly care for their pets. Intake numbers at U.S. animal shelters are on the rise, and the swelling numbers of homeless dogs and cats has taken its toll. There are an estimated six to eight million dogs and cats relinquished to animal shelters each year, and, according to the Humane Society of the United States, three to four million of those pets are ultimately euthanized.

On this Take Your Dog to Work Day, PSI encourages people to consider adopting from a shelter or animal rescue organization in order to lower “the dog unemployment rate” for good.

The day marks the culmination of Take Your Pet to Work Week, which accommodates owners of cats, rabbits, birds, and any pet that walks, swims, slithers, or flies.