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About Dog Names

Choosing a breed? No problem. Deciding whether to get a puppy or adult dog? Piece of cake. So now comes the hard part: coming up with a name.

Serious or silly, evocative or ironic — whatever you decide to christen your dog, it better be something you're comfortable both printing on veterinary forms as well as yelling at the top of your lungs from the other side of the park.

Fortunately, whatever you end up choosing matters not one iota to the dog. But if you're hoping for the respect of other owners, it's best to steer clear of Sir Humps-A-Lot, Lady McDroolie, and Mr. Puddles.

Dog names

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    The 50 weirdest cat names and the 50 weirdest dog names for 2013 from the largest pet insurance company; would you name your cat Catsanova? How about Otterpop for your dog?

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    VPI Pet Insurance released its list of the most popular names for dogs and cats for 2013, and once again the Twilight fans have spoken, with Bella continuing her reign.

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    Breaking Dawn — Part 2 is upon us, but before you contemplate a life of emptiness after seeing the movie, the spirit can live on in these dog and cat names.

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    Looking for a distinctive name for your pet — how about Woofers O Farrel for a dog, and Doctor Doom for a cat? Here are 100 weird names culled from a pet insurance database.