Director Kevin Smith Shares His Goodbye To His 17-Year-Old Dog

(Photo Credit: Kevin Smith Facebook)

Kevin Smith, director of Clerks, Mallrats, and many other films shared a tribute to his dog, Mulder, earlier this year on his Facebook page, and it serves as a reminder to all dog lovers that even though our best friends may not be with us forever, the love they share is worth any pain we get from losing them.

The touching goodbye was delivered in Smith’s renowned geek fashion with references to Game of Thrones and quotes from Doctor Who. Fans familiar with those shows understood just how powerful his message was.

Shortly after the post, Smith gave an update saying that Mulder had passed. Though Smith was in pain, a pain that any dog owner who has had to say goodbye to a friend can relate to, he encouraged people to hold their dogs close. He also suggested that people who aren’t dog owners consider becoming one. In Smith’s words, “It’s all love.”

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  • Paul J Pico

    My 14 year old Golden Retriever “Zoey” died in my arms—- I was holding her head up to help her take a drink and she stopped breathing. It was 10 years ago but it seems like yesterday. She loved me a lot and I loved her! Her memory is etched in my heart. I buried her in our back yard.

  • km0221

    That is so sad although I don’t think he did the wisest thing and let him die on his own. there is such a thing as euthanization .. I put my 16 year old JRT to sleep on Aug 17th and it was the most difficult thing I ever did in my life and he went peacefully and not gasping for breath or suffering anymore. I think it is cruel to knowingly let your dog die in this condition and not euthanize him/her. They do have home euthanasia also at some vets. Do not let your pet suffer. Humanely euthanize your pet.

  • Hazel

    It is like losing a member of your family. This past year we had to say goodbye to all four of our elderly fur babies. They brought many years of love to our family, the kids grew up with the fur butts. Having pets teaches them to care for something outside of themselves.

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