Mad Men... if the characters were dogs

Friday March 23rd, 2012

Mad for dogs and crazy for Mad Men? Yep, us too. So in honor of Sunday night’s highly anticipated season premiere, we’ve cast our own version of the hit show, with dogs as the main characters. Ok, so we’d call it Mad Canines, but if breeds were actors, here’s who we’d put in the starring roles.

In the role of Don Draper, the Doberman Pinscher.

Max 300 draperdobie
Doberman Pinscher as Don Draper

In the role of Peggy Olson, the Tibetan Spaniel.

Max 300 peggyspaniel
Tibetan Spaniel as Peggy Olson

In the role of Pete Campbell, the Pug.

Max 400 pugpete
Pug as Pete Campbell

In the role of Betty Draper, the Cocker Spaniel.

Max 300 betty cocker
Cocker Spaniel as Betty Draper

In the role of Roger Sterling, the Whippet.

Max 300 slattery.whippet
Whippet as Roger Sterling

In the role of Joan Holloway, the Pit Bull/Vizsla mix.

Max 300 joanviz
Pit Bull/Vizsla mix as Joan Holloway

And in the role of Lane Pryce, the Boston Terrier.

Max 300 pricebt
Boston Terrier as Lane Pryce

Got better ideas? Post your suggestions below.