Small dogs who are easy to groom

Just like their human owners, some dogs are high maintenance when it comes to their grooming needs. While all dogs need baths, their coat brushed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and teeth brushed, some need it more frequently than others. If you can afford it, you can send Fifi to a professional groomer or doggie day spa but you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to enrich the owner-dog bond that you get when you groom at home.

Dog breeds with long hair, and those who are heavy shedders, need daily brushing and regular bathing to look and feel their best. If you’re looking for a low maintenance dog take a look at our list of small dog breeds with short hair.

Boston Terrier


Manchester Terrier

Miniature Pinscher

Norfolk Terrier

Pocket Beagle

Rat Terrier (Toy & Miniature)

Schnoodle (Toy & Miniature)

Toy Fox Terrier