Wednesday July 27th, 2011

We're crazy about dogs. We also like building websites and companies, among them award-winners BabyCenter, GoCityKids, ViTrue, and Flycast. So it felt like a no-brainer when we decided to combine our passions to produce DogTime, the place for all things dog.

Headquartered in San Francisco, our collective experience includes years of raising dogs, writing about dogs, rescuing dogs, training dogs, walking dogs, falling in love with and having our hearts broken by dogs. With DogTime, our mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and in good homes by equipping novice and experienced owners alike with all the information needed to make them, and their dogs, very happy.

The DogTime Team is led by editor-in-chief Leslie Smith.

Leslie Smith has always been a dog lover and a writer. She grew up in Overland Park, Kansas, with two Cocker Spaniels, a pen, and a notebook constantly at her side. She attended UCLA and worked as a writer for several start-ups before trying her hand at the corporate world. In her spare time she volunteered with the SFSPCA and Give a Dog a Bone (a quality-of-life program for animals confined to long-term shelter care). Leslie leaped at the chance to lead the mission of DogTime and combine her two lifelong passions: writing and animals.

As DogTime's editor-in-chief, Leslie has built a voice of trust--and a following in the animal welfare community--with 460 pet bloggers, and 500 pet publishers, 12,000 articles, 70,000 adoptable animals, and 30 million monthly visitors.

Still volunteering two days a week, she conceptualized and launched Shelter Dispatches, an inside look into life in a municipal animal shelter. She shares her insights with the audiences of DogTime's popular Facebook applications, Save a Dog and Save a Cat , the #1 and #2 Facebook apps in the Friends and Family category.

Leslie also steered the development of the DogTime Expert Center, from idea to product development to invitation, to become the premier companion animal Expert Center on the web. The hub plays host to the most renowned trainers, writers, and veterinarians in the field, including Ian Dunbar, Sophia Yin, Nancy Kay, Jean Donaldson, Jon Katz, and Tamar Geller.

Under Leslie's editorial leadership, has become the voice of animal adoption and now shows more adoptable dogs and cats to web users in one minute than the average human blinks their eyes.

Leslie lives with her husband Mike and her two rescue dogs, Uno and Maybe.

We hope you'll come see us a lot. At DogTime we know that happiness is a tail slapping your thigh, and we wish everyone that kind of happy. So come find your wag, at DogTime.