Control Fleas & Ticks The Natural Way: Wondercide Pet Product Review

We try a lot of pet products here at DogTime and when my friend J.J. at J.J. Woofn’ Paws Rescue told me she had stopped using chemical flea drops and sprays on all of her rescue dogs and had switched to a product called Wondercide that was all natural and smelled terrific, I was skeptical but I had to try it.

Like a lot of people out there I’m always trying to find ways to get chemicals and toxins out of my life. For both me and my pups. My friend J.J. was so emphatic that I got myself some Wondercide and tried it out all summer long. My goal was to avoid all chemical and toxic poisons and yet keep my dogs comfortable all summer long. Could I do it?

Yes, I did it.

I have 4 dogs and we spent the entire summer free of chemicals and toxic flea and tick treatments and J.J. is right. It smells fantastic. You can spray it on your dogs, their bedding and even on yourself. But don’t trust me, go to their website and read up on it yourself.

How does it work? Cedar oil. Cedar oil suffocates bugs, repels them and eliminates their eggs and larvae. I had no idea. Anytime my dogs were scratching I sprayed them down their back and massaged the spray into their fur and skin. They smelled fantastic. The dogs didn’t mind at all and best of all, we went the whole summer on one bottle of this stuff. All 4 dogs. Things are cooling down now and there’s still half a bottle left.

If you are looking for other natural cures for fleas and ticks in your home, there are lots of home remedies you can make on your own but if you’re busy and don’t have the time, this is a great product that really worked for me all summer long in the California heat. Also, I’ve made my own flea and tick treatments and they work, but none smell this great. Wondercide really does have an amazing smell.

You can get Wondercide on Amazon or on the Wondercide website.

Find out more about Wondercide.