7 Siberian Huskies Who Love To Talk And Howl

Siberian Huskies love to chat with their human pals. They take after their wolf ancestors, howling and whining as a form of communication with their pack. If a Husky is howling at you, he probably sees you as part of the family. And sometimes those howls form into something very close to human speech. Maybe one day you’ll be able to sit down with a Husky and have a full length conversation over some kibble. Here are some of the best talking and howling Huskies on the internet.

1. With Love, From Mishka

Mishka is pretty famous for her talking abilities. She says, “Ar ruh roo,” which sounds a lot like, “I love you,” if you listen with human ears. And who wouldn’t want to hear that from a sweet pup like Mishka? She’s happy to show off her howls to anyone who will listen. Do you feel the love?

 2. Baby Talk

Little Remmy is just a Husky puppy in this video, but he’s already got down his commands like come, sit, and speak. The pup lets out a tiny little bark that’s just heart-meltingly adorable. If Remmy is this smart as a puppy, as a full grown dog he’s probably giving lectures in college classrooms. Maybe not, but he’s still pretty sharp for a little dog.

 3. Blah, Blah, Blah

This Husky puppy is talking back, and it’s cracking his owner up. The little dog doesn’t seem to be saying much, but it’s pretty adorable anyway. He wants to blab to everyone, even the other pups around him. Sometimes kids just love to hear themselves talk, and this puppy is no exception.

4. Mama, Daddy

The Husky in this video is ready to perform, so long as there are treats involved. His owner asks him to say, “Mama,” which is strange considering he’s the pup’s daddy. Eventually the dog gets it down, though he seems a bit annoyed that he had to wait so long for a treat. Mama probably wouldn’t be so stingy.

5. Roh Means No

Blaze isn’t too happy when it’s time to go back in the kennel. He’d rather be free to be lazy on the living room rug. When his owner tries to get him up and moving, he’s not afraid to express his displeasure with lots of complaining. He seems to be saying, “No,” but apparently even speaking in human language isn’t giving his owner the hint.

6. Leading The Chorus

Sky the Husky is getting pretty annoyed with all these English Springer Spaniels running around. They just won’t leave the poor pup alone. So Sky decides to do what any band leader would do and starts a chorus of howls until all three are singing out in unison. Sky sure knows how to quiet everyone down by making them speak up.

7. Learning To Howl From A Human

Belka is just 20 days old, but it’s time to start learning to talk the talk. And who better to teach her to speak “dog” than a human boy? The puppy adorably imitates her owner’s howls. She’s just a little dog now, but maybe in a few years she’ll be able to talk like the big dogs.

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