5 Best Dog Podcasts That Canine Lovers MUST Listen To!

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Have you discovered podcasts yet? So many people have, and yet so many people have not. Stop dragging your paws! Just download an app so you and your pup can start enjoying podcasts ASAP.

Podcasts are so great for road trips and flights. When I’m really enjoying a podcast on the road, I swear it makes the time just fly right by.

If you’re a dog lover, here’s a list of some of the best dog podcasts that you can start with. Who doesn’t enjoy learning tips and tricks for training your pups?

1. The Woof Meow Show

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With hosts Don Hanson and Kate Dutra of the Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor, Maine, The Woof Meow Show is a radio program that airs Saturday morning, then becomes immediately available on podcast format.

They interview veterinarians, rescue advocates, nutritionists, experts, and other people in the pet world.

Shows are announced on their Facebook Page, so follow them for information on upcoming episodes.

You can listen to The Woof Meow Show here!

2. DogCast Radio

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DogCast Radio is a dog lover’s dream! They are up to date on current topics relating to dogs. If they have not covered your favorite subject, they happily take requests.

One of their most recent episodes, “Episode 190 -What It’s Like To Be A Dog,” sucked me in from the title alone!


You can listen to DogCast Radio here!

3. The Dog’s Way

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The Dog’s Way is hosted by expert dog trainer Sean McDaniel.

You can e-mail in your questions, and if they use yours on a show, you can win a FREE video course. Who doesn’t love prizes?

You can listen to The Dog’s Way here!

4. Theory of Pets

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Theory of Pets covers an array of topics for dog and cat parents.

The most recent show explains the difference between therapy and service animals. Many people confuse them, but they are very different.

You can listen to Theory of Pets here!

5. Professionals In Animal Rescue

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This is a great podcast for dog rescuers. With 20- to 30-minute long episodes, they are great for people commuting to and from work.

They interview experts and offer tips for passionate people who enjoy helping animals.

You can listen to Professionals In Animal Rescue here!

Let us know which pup podcast is your favorite and if we forgot one in the comments below!

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