Baseball Team’s Eager Bat Dog Tries To Steal Player’s Bat

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Minor League Baseball)

You may have heard that some Minor League Baseball teams rely on bat dogs to fetch baseball bats off the field. These pups delight fans and sometimes give players a friendly, non-judgmental face to pet, whether they hit a home run or strike out. Well, Miss Lou Lou Gehrig, the bat dog of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, takes her job as bat dog very seriously.

She’s trained to run out when players drop their bats, then fetch the bats and bring them off the field. So when Jhonny Santos, a player for the Grasshoppers, set his bat on the ground after getting a strike, Miss Lou Lou eagerly bounded out to do her job. The only problem was that Santos’s turn at bat wasn’t over.

Santos picked his bat up before the bat dog could fetch it, and the poor, confused pup didn’t know what to do. But, she’s a good girl, and she still wanted to be the best bat dog ever. She turned back and tried to take the bat right out of Santos’s hands. Santos held tight, though, and Miss Lou Lou walked away without so much as a pat on the head for giving her best effort.

Hopefully she got lots of love back in the dugout. After all, it was Santos’s dirty trick that confused her. He could have at least given her an “I’m sorry” scratch behind the ears. But he knows not to tease Miss Lou Lou Gehrig next time, or she might just steal his bat and make him chase her to get it back.

Did Miss Lou Lou’s attempted bat theft make you laugh? Would you like to see more bat dogs helping out at baseball games? Let us know in the comments below!

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