Good Dog Who Saved Owner From Rattlesnake Looks Swollen But Safe

Paula Godwin took her dogs, Todd and Copper, out on a morning walk in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a normal, beautiful day for the pups to get some exercise before the sun was at its highest and hottest. They were even walking near a stretch of road known as Carefree Highway. It seemed like any other day, but that’s when danger struck.

Paula didn’t notice a rattlesnake in her path until she almost stepped on it. Just before the snake lunged at her, Todd jumped between her leg and the creature, taking the bite on his face, instead. The snake didn’t even shake its rattle until the attack, and if Todd hadn’t noticed the creature first, Paula would have stepped on it and surely been bitten. Paula picked Todd up and pulled Copper away, and within 20 minutes, they were at the vet where Todd received a dose of anti-venom.

Paula posted some pictures of Todd, her hero, on Facebook where they were quickly shared and went viral. Todd was very swollen, but otherwise safe, as well-wishers from around the world praised the pooch who saved his beloved human. The Twitter account WeRateDogs even gave Todd a coveted 15/10 rating and earned the pup over half a million likes, breaking all of their records. In an update, Paula said that Todd was recovering well, and she appreciated all the messages of support praising her good boy for being a hero. I hope you’ll join me in wishing Todd all the best as he gets the treatment he deserves in comfort and safety.

Would your dog jump in front of a rattlesnake to save you? Are you happy to see Todd getting all the praise he deserves for being a hero? Let us know in the comments below!

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