Two Neglected Dogs Become Inseparable Best Friends After Being Rescued


(Picture Credit: Twitter – Gwinnett Police Dept)

Animal control officers in Gwinnett County, Georgia responded to a call of a loose dog running along a street in the city of Buford. The officers took the pup in, but during their investigation, they also found another dog tethered to a tree. The tether was only three feet long and wouldn’t allow the dog to reach any food or water. He couldn’t even get to his plastic crate, which was full of dirt and mud.


(Picture Credit: Twitter – Gwinnett Police Dept)

The black Labrador and Pit Bull were taken to the vet right away to get checked out. Once they were treated, they went to the Gwinnet County Animal Shelter where the pups quickly became best friends. Now they are inseparable. They stay side-by-side and play together all day long. They are still being treated for injuries and heartworm, and because of those ongoing medical needs, they will be sent to a rescue group instead of being adopted out by the county.


(Picture Credit: Twitter – Gwinnett Police Dept)

As for the former owner who tethered her dog to a tree, she received four citations. Two of them were for neglect, one was for no restraint, and one was for a tether violation. Hopefully these dogs will find a much better home together that will show them the love that they deserve.


(Picture Credit: Twitter – Gwinnett Police Dept)

Would you adopt these adorable best friends? What would you do if you saw a dog tethered to a tree on a three-foot leash? Let us know in the comments below!

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