Mystery Of The Green Poodles Spotted Roaming Mountainside SOLVED


(Picture Credit: ABC 7 KVIA)

The Franklin Mountains are home to plenty of wildlife, but two green Poodles seem to be sporting the most wild look in the area. They were spotted on New Year’s Eve and filmed by a woman who was surprised to see the unusually colored dogs wandering around with no owner in sight.


(Picture Credit: ABC 7 KVIA)

The superintendent of Franklin Mountain State Park didn’t know what to make of the report of the pair of green Poodles, and the local Humane Society had no reports of green dogs in need of rescue, though one representative from the Humane Society said that if the right dyes are used, the coloring isn’t harmful to the animals.


(Picture Credit: ABC 7 KVIA)

When the video of the dogs appeared in the news, locals called in and reported that the Poodles are named Max and Millie, and they belong to a man named–get this–Frank Green. Green said the dogs are allowed to roam the mountainside, and he keeps an eye on them. He uses animal safe dyes every year because he and the dogs play the Grinch for local organizations and schools around Christmas.

Do you think it’s alright to dye the dogs’ fur if the dye is harmless and it’s for a good cause? What would you do if you saw green dogs in the wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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