Fire Department Rescues Senior Dog Stuck On Dangerous Icy Pond


(Picture Credit: YouTube – WTNH News8)

The pond that Delilah, a 19-year-old Shepherd mix, walked out onto was frozen, but the ice was dangerously thin. The frightened senior dog was unable to return to shore, and her owner knew that if he tried to get her back, he would fall through the ice and need to be rescued, too. So he called 911.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and prepared to rescue the pup. When the first firefighter stepped onto the ice, it immediately broke. But they didn’t give up. An animal control officer gave the firefighter a rescue stick, and he used it to get a hold of Delilah and bring her in. She was cold and wet, but otherwise unharmed.


(Picture Credit: YouTube – WTNH News8)

The Fire Department applauded the owner for resisting the urge to save his dog himself, as he might have fallen through the ice. If that were the case, rescuers would have no choice but to focus on saving him first before Delilah, and by then it may have been even more dangerous for her. If you see an animal or person trapped on the ice, call emergency services. They are prepared for a rescue effort, and you might delay them if you try to save someone on your own.

What would you do if your dog was trapped on the ice? Are you grateful to the firefighters who saved Delilah? Let us know in the comments below!

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