26 Adorable Dogs Warming Themselves By The Fire [PICTURES]

Puppy in front of an open fireplace on a winter's evening

(Picture Credit: JohnLForeman/Getty Images)

Another cold winter is upon us, and we humans are all bundled up to keep warm. Winter officially starts on December 21st for many of us and lasts until March, and it’s lucky we have our pups to snuggle and keep us warm.

One of the best ways to fight the chill on a cold winter’s night is with a blazing fire. Humans aren’t the only ones who really enjoy a warm and cozy cuddle by the fireplace. Our dogs love it, too!

Check out these pooches staying warm in winter!

26 Dogs Staying Warm By The Fireplace

They look nice and toasty! Make sure you always supervise your pup near open flames. Enjoy the fireplace responsibly!

Does your dog enjoy snuggling up by the fire? Are you staying warm with your pup in the winter season? We’d love to see pictures in the comments on Facebook or below!

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