10 Ways Dogs Are The Best Members Of Your Family

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Dogs are family. In fact, your dog is probably the greatest family member you’ve ever had.

There are all sorts of ways that your human family can get on your nerves and drive you bananas. That’s not the case with our canine companions.

Sure, they may tear up the furniture from time to time, poop on the carpet, or chew on your new suede shoes. But even with all of that, they still manage to be the best behaved members of the family.

Here are ten ways dogs put all other family members to shame.

1. No Awkward Conversations

Senior Adult Man With His Dog, heart-to-heart talk.

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You’ll never have to discuss the birds and the bees with a dog the way you would with your child. You’ll never have to tolerate your dog’s inappropriate political tirade at Thanksgiving. And you’ll never have to explain why you don’t have a significant other right now.

Your dog is happy to listen to you talk about whatever you want, just to hear your voice.

2. They’re Excellent Road Trip Companions

There’s no bickering, complaining, or threatening to turn this car around if a dog is your road trip companion. They’re happy to stick their nose out of a cracked window and enjoy the smells, safely seat belted in — safety first! — for the ride.

Time to stop at the next National Park that allows dogs!

3. They Don’t Judge You

Humorous Christmas card portrait of man, woman, and Boston Terrier pet dog. Dog takes on human attribute of wearing glasses, man in turn has dog bone in mouth. Woman is bemused by entire affair. Family dressed in matching sweaters and shirts.

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You do some weird stuff when no one else is home. Weird stuff. But your dog won’t judge you.

And they won’t judge you for not having babies yet, or for taking some time to figure yourself out, or for having trouble with the next job hunt.

In fact, all of that means they get to spend more time with you!

4. They Don’t Argue

Sure, they might put up a fuss when it’s bed time, or bath time, or vet time. But your dog isn’t going to start a shouting match over who should take out the trash, or who should pay the bills, or whose turn it is to do the dishes.

They’ll always take your side in any fight because they’re just that awesome!

5. They’re Easy To Please

Close-Up Of Dog With Red Toy At Home

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It’s hard to shop for other people. Christmas is a nightmare of expensive gifts and never knowing what to buy. Grocery shopping and trying to please everyone is nearly impossible.

Your dog is mostly happy with whatever you get. New toys, bones, treats, balls, leashes, and anything else you come home with are just the greatest things ever!

6. They’re Way More Excited To See You

When’s the last time a family member ran to the door to greet you, jumped into your arms, and acted like you were the most important person in the world?

With a dog, every time you walk in the door creates that much excitement. They’re the happiest dog in the world to see you every single time!

7. Things Don’t Get Weird When They Lick Your Face

When your dog licks your face, it’s fine. But when weird Uncle Steve does it because he thinks it’s oh-so-hilarious, it’s just gross and weird and I need to scrub my face like it’s covered in flesh-eating bacteria!

I’ll take a doggy kiss any day of the week.

8. They Won’t Disappoint You

Yellow Labrador standing next to bin and rubbish

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Your kids may fail at school, your parents may be voting for the candidate who’s going to ruin the world, and your sibling may be dating a jerk. But your dog would never do anything like that.

The worst they’re going to do is raid the garbage can, but that’s probably not going to ruin your life.

9. You Can’t Stay Mad At Them

You can hold a grudge against family for a long time. But one look into the puppy-dog-eyes of your fur baby and you melt.

You just can’t stay mad at a dog. They can’t help being who they are, and you love them for it. Forgiveness is the key to a happy relationship, and it’s easy with a dog.

10. They Love You As Much As A Whole Family Combined

Family relaxing in backyard

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Dogs have the most unconditional love you’ll find in this world. They’ll stick by you through everything because they just love you that much.

Family can be there for you, but when it comes down to it, your dog is the one you go to when you need to feel the love.

Is your dog your best family member? What do you love about them the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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