Blind Shelter Dog’s Best Collie Buddy Acts As Seeing-Eye Dog

When Daisy and River were rescued from an animal cruelty case, it was already clear that they wanted to stick together. But they have a bond that goes deeper than most. The two are completely inseparable and are always by each other’s side, even when they’re outside of the kennel.

Daisy and River play

(Picture Credit: Pennsylvania SPCA)

River the 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is almost completely blind, and Daisy the 4-year-old Collie acts as her seeing-eye dog. Daisy makes sure River feels safe and knows she’s there at all times. She is more than River’s guide, she’s her best friend.

Daisy and River smile for the camera

(Picture Credit: Pennsylvania SPCA)

These two don’t just love each other, they love people, too! And at the time of writing this, they are still available for adoption to a home that will take both of them. They are at the Pennsylvania SPCA awaiting that special someone who will share the love with them. If you’re interested in River and Daisy, please visit the Pennsylvania SPCA!

Would you take these two home? Do your dogs help each other out like these two do? Let us know in the comments below!