Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car Could Get You Thrown In Jail Soon

Summertime Danger - Dog in Parked Car

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All too often we hear stories of dogs left in hot cars while their owners run in to a store or restaurant only to come back and find that their beloved pet has died or been severely harmed by the heat. Temperatures in cars skyrocket, even on warm days, and a cracked window just isn’t enough. Thanks to new legislation, leaving a dog in a hot car my soon result in jail time for irresponsible owners.

Dog in back window of car

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Some states have already made laws protecting people who break car windows to save dogs from hot cars, and we’ve even reported on stories of Good Samaritans who have broken into cars to rescue pups from the heat. But this law proposed by Michigan State Senator Curtis Hertel would come with some pretty harsh penalties for those who would leave a dog in a car with what have been deemed unsafe conditions. He says there are 16 states with similar laws, and it’s time Michigan joined them in a stand against this kind of cruelty to animals.

Dog in a hot car

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A first offense in the state of Michigan could result in up to 45 days in jail, which could go up to a year if any harm comes to the animal. And if the dog should die from the conditions in the car, the penalty could be up to five years in jail. Leaving a dog in a hot car is cruel. On a hot day, your dog would much rather be safe and at home. None of these penalties would be necessary if dog owners used some common sense. So if you’re thinking of taking your dog for a car ride, save it for a trip where your dog can come along with you instead of waiting in the heat.

Do you think this bill is fair? Would you like to see harsher penalties for owners who leave their dogs in hot cars? Let us know in the comments below!