No, This Dog’s Face Isn’t Painted To Look Like That

At 14 years old, Rowdy the Black Labrador Retriever has lived a pretty long, unusual life. He survived drinking poisoned river water, and he was once accidentally shot by police when they believed a burglary was taking place. But the most unusual thing people notice about Rowdy right away is the white fur that surrounds his eyes and contrasts with the rest of his almost all-black coat. 

His face isn’t painted to look that way. He’s not making a bold fashion statement to show off to his buddies at the dog park, either. The pigmentation of his fur is the result of a condition called Vitiligo, which you may have heard of as it is the same condition that caused Michael Jackson’s skin pigment to change. 

The condition is non-threatening and doesn’t affect Rowdy’s health at all. In fact, we think it makes him look more unique and awesome than ever. He looks like he might be a comic book superhero, complete with mask. Rowdy may not be out fighting crime, but he’s just happy living his life as a regular dog.


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Would you adopt a dog like Rowdy? Do you like his unique fur pattern? Let us know in the comments below!

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