Golden Retriever Runs Away From Home To Join His Buddies At Doggy Daycare

Some dogs just can’t wait to see all their canine friends at doggy daycare. Riley the five-year-old Golden Retriever is one of those pups. He was outside in his family’s backyard one day, enjoying the weather, when suddenly he disappeared. In fact, the only clue he left behind was the unlocked gate door, swinging in the breeze.

Well the pup must have had a destination in mind, and he must have known exactly how to get there because before his family even had time to worry about him, they got a phone call. It was from Happy Dog Cafe and Boutique, Riley’s regular doggy daycare facility since he was a puppy, which was about a mile away from home. Apparently, Riley had showed up and was just waiting outside the daycare.

Riley’s owner said he’d come by and pick up the dog right away, but the daycare owner said not to worry. If Riley had walked all the way there by himself, he could spend the day for free. Riley walks to daycare all the time with his owner, but this is the first time he took the trip solo. Once he got inside the building, he ran to grab a bone and play with his dog pals as if nothing was out of the ordinary. He’s one smart pup!

Would your dog walk all the way to doggy daycare? Does your pup love hanging out with other dogs that much? Let us know in the comments below!

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