Police Called On Car With 20 Rescue Dogs Riding Inside

What would you do if you saw a car with 20 dogs inside? Well, if you find 20 dogs packed in like clowns in a clown car to be suspicious, you’d probably call the police. And that’s what a concerned citizen did when they spotted a car full of pups. Police showed up to assist Animal Control in one of the more unique calls for the Independence Police Department.

It turns out that the 20 pups were all rescue dogs who were very well taken care of. In fact, they were on their way to a dog show. According to the Facebook post, all the dogs are well trained and have specific talents. Even the little ones were in training, even though all they knew how to do was to give lots of kisses.

The officers finished their investigation with plenty of cute pictures. Then the dogs were all sent on their merry way to the dog show. Hopefully they don’t mind traveling in such close quarters, but they seem like a pretty happy pack of pups. Take a look at all the cute pictures in the Facebook album below!

Would you call the police if you saw 20 dogs in a car? Do you think the officers’ pictures are too cute? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: The dogs in this story are part of an agility and stunt dog group called Team Nitrous, and they are a mix of pure breds and rescues. There were 13 dogs in the car, not 20, and that car was only used in a pinch. They no longer use that car.

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