The Vinyl Yorkies On Instagram Are An Audiophile’s Dream Dogs

You may think you’re a budding hipster with a great record collection, but can it compare to the Vinyl Yorkies’ library? Well, to be honest, it’s not really their library. The extensive collection of vinyls that the pair of Yorkshire Terriers pose with on Instagram belongs to their owner, Frank April. But Bandit and Fiesta are the pups in the internet’s spotlight.

April’s idea for the Instagram account came about pretty simply. He realized the only things he liked to post on his Instagram were pictures of his record collection and pictures of his dogs. So the next step was to simply put them together. That’s how Vinyl Yorkies came to be. And with over 20K followers, their fan base is growing even faster than their music library.

The pups are audiophiles, too. In fact, they’re so used to taking pictures in front of records that as soon as April puts music on, they go and sit in front of the collection and strike a pose for photos. April says the pair of pooches seem to enjoy the sounds of acoustic and folk records the most. Now the internet is jamming along with the pups, too!

Does your dog like your record collection? Are you excited to see more of Bandit and Fiesta? Let us know in the comments below!

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