Anderson Cooper’s New Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy Is Adorable


An old picture of my sweet dog Molly, who passed away today.

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You may remember a few months ago when CNN host Anderson Cooper’s dog, Molly, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, passed away. Like many of us, Cooper’s dog was a huge part of his life. Molly even appeared on Anderson Live where she shared some kisses with her owner. When she passed, we felt for Cooper, as we dog lovers all know the pain of losing a beloved pup.

Well, the host has officially added a new member to his family, a pup of the same breed as Molly. The new puppy’s name is Lilly, and she’s absolutely adorable. Hopefully Lilly can help fill the dog-sized gap in Cooper’s life. Sometimes the only cure for a broken heart is to love again, and this new relationship serves to remind us that we should never be afraid to open ourselves up to the love of a dog, even if they are with us for too short of a time.

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