120 Pound Great Dane Puppy Gets Stuck In A Tree

A man holds Kora the Great Dane on a thick limb of the tree.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Elmwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue)

A cat stuck in a tree is a well-known cliche. Even Superman saved a kitty from a tree. But there are far fewer stories of dogs climbing out on limbs, especially dogs as big as Kora.

She’s a Great Dane, and even as a puppy she weighs in at a whopping 120 pounds. She managed to climb almost 20 feet off the ground in a tree in her backyard. Unfortunately for her, getting back down was a bit more of a challenge.

Kora falls from the tree onto a stretched out tarp.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Elmwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue)

Her owner, Wes McGuirk, couldn’t find her at first. It was only her whimpering that clued him in, and strangely it was coming from overhead. When he looked up, he saw Kora perched on a high branch.

He got a ladder and tried to climb to get the pup, but he still couldn’t reach her. That’s when he called the fire department. At first the fire department thought it might be a prank. They’d never heard of a Great Dane stuck in a tree.

But the fire department arrived on the scene and found Kora waiting for them on a limb. They climbed to reach her and attached a harness to lower Kora to the ground. They also stretched a tarp, trampoline style, just in case she fell.

It’s a good thing they did because halfway down Kora slipped from the harness and bounced into the tarp. Once she got to land, she simply wandered back into the house as if nothing happened. Hopefully the pup has learned to keep her paws on the ground from now on.

What would you do if you saw a Great Dane in a tree? Have you heard of any dogs this big getting stuck on a limb? Let us know in the comments below!

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