Spooked Puppy Stuck Under Phoenix Police Car


Local Dog Fails PhxPD K-9 TryoutsWhile patrolling the Maryvale/Estrella Mountain Precinct, near 47th Avenue and…

Posted by City of Phoenix Police Department on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lieutenant Tom Van Dorn of the Phoenix Police Department was on a routine patrol when he came across a local gang. Well, it was more like a pack of small dogs running down the street. Rather than getting out of the car and giving the pooches a hard time, the officer honked his horn to get them to disperse. That’s when something unusual happened.

Several of the pups took off in different directions, but one little dog took the direct approach and ran straight towards the officer’s cruiser. He darted underneath the vehicle and then vanished. Lt. Van Dorn immediately stopped the cruiser and got out to investigate. He looked underneath the car and found that the pup had somehow lodged himself in the undercarriage.

The stubborn pup refused to come out, even after being bribed with a hot dog. So Lt. Van Dorn called the local Animal Care & Control facility for assistance. When they arrived, they were able to help the poor pup come out of his hiding spot. He was completely unharmed. Hopefully he learned that if you’re in a street gang, you might end up in a police cruiser.

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