Pit Bull Puppy Burned In House Fire Grows Up To Be Honorary Firefighter

On the left, firefighter Linder holds Jake as a puppy. On the right, Jake has grown up and sits in a firetruck.

(Picture Credit: ABCNews4/Reddit via Imgur)

Back in May of 2015, firefighter William Lindler had just gotten home from the station when he noticed smoke coming out of the house next door. He knew right away that it was a house fire, so he put on his gear and ran to the rescue. As other workers arrived, the family yelled out that their Pit Bull puppy was still in the house. Lindler immediately helped bring the puppy out of the blaze, but he was in bad shape. He had burns over 75% of his body, and there was a chance he wouldn’t make it. To make matters worse, the puppy’s family abandoned him at the vet. Lindler couldn’t let the poor pooch go without a home, so he adopted him and called him Jake.

Jake as a puppy plays with a big leaf and a chewed up tennis ball.

(Picture Credit: ABC News video)

Eventually Jake began to heal, and Lindler wanted him to grow up and become a therapy dog for burn victims to give them hope that they would be able to pull through and be happy again. Last December, Jake got a step closer to that goal when he became an honorary firefighter in the city of Hanahan. He even used a stamp of his own paw to sign the official document, and he looked extra cute in his firefighter outfit. 

“Jake” the Fire Dog being sworn in as an Honorary Fireman, using a stamp of his paw as his signature

Posted by City of Hanahan on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Images of Jake the Pit Bull firefighter went viral recently as one Reddit user posted photos of him in a vest and sitting in a Hanahan firetruck. Clearly this pup takes his job very seriously. Jake is doing great and is happy to be a member of Lindler’s family. He shows us all that with a little bit of love, you can pull through anything. We hope to hear more about Jake the Pit Bull firefighter dog in the future.

Jake became a firefighter today!

Are you happy that this puppy grew up to help out his proud papa? Would you like to see more Pit Bulls getting a chance at having a good life with plenty of love? Let us know in the comments below!

See a news reel of Jake’s story HERE.

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